In the product area clothing, KMF offers a very wide range for machines of automated sewing. The versatility of our sewing machines extends to the process of sewing together the trouser-collar lining, the seaming of jeans bags and the sewing of the shirt fronts plackets.


KMF Type 1600

Waistband feeder for the automatic combining, sewing, ironing, rolling and measuring of various textiles.

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KMF Type 3230

Pocket hemmer for jeans and work wear.

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KMF Type 3240

Waistband sewing unit for jeans and workwear with an open waistband on both sides and a cutting device.


KMF Type 3300

Shirt front placket unit for sewing buttonholes and button plackets.

KMF Type 3400

Pleating unit for the attachment of yokes on backs with or without pleatings.