RoQom, the innovation by KMF - the trend-setting solution for robotics. 
By intelligent construction and cross-link of several components, RoQom enables a high and steady quality, process reliability and maximum output at minimum space requirements.


Freedom of Design

As a visual highlight, realization of particularly high-quality designs with curved seams and parallel decorative seams.

Speed and Quality

Non-stop in the chord and always reproducible, this is the system of the RoQom sewing robot, where the articles are coming from.

Visual Control

A high-resolution camera system recognizes, monitors and corrects distinctive component geometries for a process-reliable sewing operation.

Modular and Upgradeable

From the stand-alone solution to the step-by-step construction of complete production lines, including the transfer to the next production step.


KMF, the system integrator of Yaskawa, for the automation of sewing technologies: 6-axis handling robots, extremely versatile in applications

Here you will find detailed information about the GP series

RoQom 6000-1 VC

Camera-assisted sewing of curvaceous decorative seams on parts for seat covers.


Press information 12/2018:
„The future of sewing”

RoQom 7500-1 HMS

Holding and guiding textiles, partically application of adhesive hotmelt glue. Integrated barcode recognition for an automatic program selection.