Special machines / Technical textiles

In addition to sewing automation, KMF's second core competency is located in the field of special machines. In various fields of applications, we have already developed special solutions for our customers. Our special solutions ranges from equipment for cutting and punching OKE tapes over the automatic sewing of curves to the assembling of milk filters, sausage casing and artificial casings.


KMF Class 2001

Curve Sewing Machine
Fully automatic sewing machine for the manufacturing of products with rounded and curved seams.

KMF Class 2000

Fully automatic sewing unit for the sewing of sausage casings. The sausage casing is automatically cut to length, folded, stitched and stacked.


KMF Class 121-3

Fully automatic sewing unit for the sewing of milk filters. The filter is automatically folded longitudinally, stitched, cut to length, transversely stitched and stacked.

KMF Type 416

Pinking machine for cutting out strips or piping.

KMF Type 3145

Cut and Punch
Unit for cutting and punching of plastic straps or profiles (OKE stripes) or similar materials.

KMF Type 99-406102

Stacking device for compressing cushions automatically to optimize the packaging process.

KMF Type 451

Profile punching device for punching, cutting and perforating plastic profiles, soft PVC and OKE stripes.

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KMF Class 140

Passport sewing unit for sewing the rear of the passport.

KMF Type 3000

For topstitching of covers out of leather or imitation leather such as calendars, book covers, desk pads.